Our Manhattan Dog Training will give you that canine communication so many Manhattan, NYC dog owners lack. All of our Manhattan dog training students receive an education on “how to talk with their dog.” As a matter of fact, we probably spend more time training your dog to pay attention than many other dog training schools in Manhattan; we do this because we believe that is the grass roots of good training.

If you reside in Manhattan then you know that is can be a real task owning a dog or puppy that is not well trained. For starters, a Manhattan sidewalk is a lot more congested than your typical one; this increased foot traffic and vehicle traffic coupled with more dogs in a limited amount of space is one of the most common reasons for inquiries into our Manhattan dog training services.

Also, the irritating and sometimes frustration of excessive barking or whining can cause even the most relaxed and layed back person to become annoyed, especially if it is a neighbor. For things like excessive barking and whining, separation anxiety, fear, and dominance it is very important that you consult and receive the right type of dog training. Manhattan has many great places that can be visited by dog and owner, if you have a well trained dog.


Many of our students need specific dog training, we tailor all of our Manhattan Dog Training Services, as well as our NYC Puppy Training Classes. Not all, but many Dog Training Schools offer a “cookie cutter” approach to dog training, limiting their methods as well as their programs. We strongly believe in matching our dog training or NYC Puppy Training Program with the members’ needs. We understand, as you should too, that one Manhattan dog owners’ needs can differ substantially from another.

As always, we look forward to helping you achieven your Manhattan Dog and Puppy training goals; if you should have any questions we look forward to listening and providing you with the information needed.


Big Apple Dog Training invites you to browse through our different NYC dog training programs, of course, while being mindful that any of our Manhattan Dog Training Programs can be modified to meet your exact training needs.


We look forward to providing you with the dog of your Dreams!


Our Board and Train Program allows your dog to be trained professionally while you are vacationing, working, or engaged in other time consuming activities…



In Home Training is designed to train your dog while educating you on how to maintain and improve the bond between dog and owner.



Our dog boarding services provides your dog or puppy with plenty of TLC, dog training, exercise, mental and physical stimulation,….



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