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Big Apple Dog Training, your NY dog training school was founded with the intentions of not only training your dog, but educating you, on how to maintain a leadership role. Many dog owners are often disappointed when hiring a dog training school.  Most of the time, this disappointment, can be attributed to the lack of communication as well as distorted expectations –  AKA “Sales and Marketing”


If you think about it, most of the time when a puppy owner contacts a dog training company, they are in some type of despair.  They have a problem, and depending on their household, that can be a very big problem; couple this with a misconception of what a dog training school does (and what your role is in the dog training process) you are almost certain to end up with less desirable results.  In a nutshell:


Many dog owners are upset when they call a trainer, they want to hear what they want to hear, the trainer knows this (some are very honest, and make several attempts not to use the owners’ despair against them, some do not, because they know if they do, they will lose their business to another company). Having said that, the communication becomes distorted (the promise is usually more than the results).


Another contributing factor that leads to unsatisfactory results is the pet owners impression of what their NYC dog trainers‘ responsability are.  NO, most of our NYC dog training programs do not require a lot, but they do require at least (20) minutes per day for the owner to train (reinforce) what the trainer has trained the puppy or dog.


These two main factors are often the main ingredients in what our NYC dog training school refers to as  the “failure recipe”


Our mission is Simple, tell it like it is, and have less cold-call like business, but more “recommendations” and “referrals.”  We would much rather give you a lower expectation and deliver higher results.  That’s us anyway.


We are great at what we do, we have the dog training videos to back it, have the member testimonials to back it, and have the experience to back it.  We offer several different training methods which can be modified to meet your training needs, so, take a look at some of New York Dog Training Programs, and contact us with any questions, also feel free to contact for an evaluation.


Best regards,


Big Apple Dog Training;  your New York City Dog Training School



Our Staff
James Joseph, Big Apple Dog Training, Founder and Head Trainer

James originally from Brooklyn and having been around dogs his entire life, decided to open up his own dog training school instead of working for another dog training school, so he vetured out to Long Island and opened his own local dog training company, a little more than (3) three years later, he found himself, training dogs from NYC, the (5) boroughs, Westchester, and New Jersey.


The local school started to expand rather quicklly, so the logisitics and the game plan needed an overhaul as well….whence “Big Apple Dog Training”


Tara Lynn- Trainer/Boarding Supervisor

Tara Lynn, also from the city, fell in love with the operations of Big Apple Dog Training and is the individual who usually meets and gets our board and trains acclimated to their surroundings, before beginning their dog training regimen. Tara, also holds a Masters Degree in Early Childhood and Special Education, and even so, still believes training puppies and dogs come more natural (lol)


Alexa Nichole, Trainer

Alexa, is another one of our trainers, she assists greatly with our distraction aspect of training. Alexa too, has an enormous love for all animals, stuffed too, but has a special place in her heart for dogs and puppies.



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