Leaving Your Puppy at Home

If you own a puppy, you will definitely need to leave him alone while you go out.  However, this cannot be done just like that.   Leaving your puppy at home alone is a big problem for many pet owners.  However, there is nothing that cannot be done with proper puppy training

Initially, only to inculcate the thought that he cannot keep on following you around all the time in your puppy’s head, you will need to leave your puppy alone for sometime.  Of course, in the beginning you should only let him be alone for a little while (10 minutes or so will do for a good start). For this purpose, you do not or should go outside of your apartment or house; you can use his crate or leave him in a room while you go to a separate one yourself.

When you leave him in a separate room just close the door behind you.  The reason behind doing this is just letting him know that he should not follow you around.  Go on increasing his ‘alone time’ by 10 to 15 minutes every day.  Then you can move on to the next step, which is, leaving your dog in the house when you go out.  For the first, few times only leave him for a few minutes.  However, eventually with gradual training this can reach up to 1 hour, then more.

While you are out make sure that the puppy gets proper care at home.  If there is nobody at home to take care of him, arrange for a dog sitter.  There are plenty of Manhattan dog sitters to choose from.  They cannot stay by themselves for too long.  If you are expected to be out for more than an hour, make sure that you arrange someone to come over and let your puppy out for his business.  

In addition, puppies get bored very easily.  In addition, no matter what breed the dog belongs to, his attitude, or infact destructive attitude to be more accurate, depends on the puppy’s personal mood.  Anything can be expected of an untrained dog.  And puppies being young animals are usually untrained and impulsive.  Therefore, arrange a dog sitter for your pet so that he may be taken care of properly.

If your dog is old enough and you think that he will do fine on his own then you can rely on a friend to take him out to relieve himself.  You think your dog is trained enough or you cannot afford a dog sitter whatever the reason might be, always get somebody to keep your dog company while you are gone.   Dogs get restless if left on their own for too long.  Moreover, their restlessness can pose an inconvenience for you.  

Dogs can start nibbling away on your household stuff or such items in your home such as bags or shoes or other chewable items.  In addition, it will be unkind of you to leave them alone to be bored and restless like that, especially when it comes to puppies since they are young and need to be taken care of.

Our Manhattan dog training service here is to assist your puppy or dog learn how to feel safe and confident when home alone.

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How Long Does it Take to Crate Train a Puppy?

Crate training depends on your dog’s age (generally, the younger, the easier). It is much more advantageous to crate train a puppy at an early age, especially if residing in an apartment in a city such as New York.

An older dog may not take to create training as easy and can cause a little tension between neighbors. It might take a few days or it might take a few weeks. It all depends on the experiences he has had in the past and his age. Crate training helps a dog with his potty training too. Crates are meant to provide dogs with a safe and cozy den, his own little space. They will be their little sleeping beds as well as their room when you are out.

A few tips, which can help you crate train your dog, are mentioned below.

Allow them some time to get used to the crate. A free animal will not be too happy when caged all of a sudden. In this initial stage feed him in the crate while keeping the door open. Do not give them the idea that it is a prison cell for them. Never use a crate as a punishment for your dog. If there is an accident, be patient. Do not make the dog go inside when he knows you are mad or because of an accident. Do not make him think it is a cell. It would never work that way.

Provide your dog with frequent outings for his business to avoid such accidents. Dogs do not soil the place where they sit or sleep. Do not force them to do it by keeping them in for too long. Young puppies should be taken out every hour while mature dogs can go for four hours without a break but not more than that. Usually dogs are provided with their own space in a room by putting a soft mat somewhere with toys around for their attraction. Do the same with their crates. Make them just as attractive and appealing to them.

Every time they go out for potty and refrain from accidents inside the crate, give them a standing ovation. Make your pleasure visible to them. Reward them so they know it is a good thing. Never force them inside the crate. In the beginning you may bribe them to go inside. Also, take them out for walks and games. No creature likes extended confinement. Keeping them locked up inside will only make them grumpy, annoyed and anxious.

When you are home, keep the crate near to you. Keep him happy while he is inside. To make things easier you can keep a record of your dog`s routine. Keep a record of when your dog eats and when he does his business. Then accordingly give him as many breaks to relieve himself. In addition, notice how many times he avails the opportunity and how many times he does not. Keeping a regular record of your dog like this you will easily figure out his routine.

It will make things much more organized providing you peace of mind while your dog can have his due share of attention and care. Moreover, that too, the way he wants it. Crate training is the way to go if you work or tend to go out often. On the other hand, just simply to discipline your dog and teach him a good lifestyle.

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Puppies and Sleep

….Do they belong in the same sentence?


Puppies are the cutest creatures on this planet.  However, while getting a puppy a few things should be kept in mind.  One such thing is sleep.  Some pet owners believe that these two words puppies and sleep do not even belong in the same sentence.  Puppies, although, are heavy sleepers, initially at night they seem to create havoc.  Therefore, consequently disturb their owner’s night sleep as well.  Generally, the reason behind a puppy’s discomfort at night is the fact that they have been parted with their mothers.


Puppies are similar to babies.  In addition, like all babies, puppies will miss their mommies if taken away from them.  Especially in the very early stages of their development, puppies depend almost entirely on their mothers; they do not develop proper teeth and fur and have their eyes almost shut for the first six weeks.  In this early stage, they rely on their mothers for food and warmth.  In such a time, it seems almost cruel to take them away from their mothers. In addition, if this is done they will definitely miss them and need them and will whine at night when they cannot find them.


….A few tips are mentioned below to ensure yours and your puppy’s sound sleep at night:


Puppies have small bladders.  At the age of 9-14 weeks, they cannot hold it for too long. They will need you to take them out every two hours at night to relieve them.  In addition, while this might seem very inconvenient, and so it is, but the sooner you accept it the better.  Once you and your puppy get used to it you can increase the gap between two such outings by 15 minutes.


Usually at daytime when you take your puppy out for a potty break, you should allow a bit of fetching and playing the moment they relieve themselves as a reward (food and praise are acceptable rewards too).  However, please ensure that this reward comes AFTER they relieve themselves, especially at night.  You do NOT want them to give false alarms because they know they get to play and run around, especially in the middle of a work night.


Another common mistake puppy owners make regarding puppies and sleep is to allow them to sleep with you at night when they are first brought home; not only will this often make those nights difficult for you to sleep, but more importantly we feel that you would be paving the roadwork for separation anxiety (we will save that topic  for another day), if you let the puppy sleep with you.


Our New York Dog Training school recommends crate training the puppy as soon as you bring him or her home.   Crate training can assist greatly with many common puppy problems other than sleep.  Additionally, crate training can prove fruitful as it will build confidence in your puppy while giving them safety in a confined place.


Also, put the puppy’s crate or mat in a room OTHER than the one you are sleeping in and ensure a cozy temperature.


Tire him.  Make the evening hours the most active for him. Play games with him.  He should seek his bed himself by the end of the day.


Give them their meal  and all snacks almost three hours before bed, and take them to potty before sleep time.  Another good idea is to make it a habit to wake up yourself at night for their little outings.  Don’t let the puppy wake you up by with his whining.  You do not want them to think that their cries will break your sleep.


Following the above-mentioned tips will hopefully improve things for you.  And you just might be able to regain you night’s peace.

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