Q. What separates Big Apple Dog Training from the rest of the New York Dog Training Schools?


A. Besides our Excellent dog training, we realize that one of the keys to successful dog training is maintaining a close relationship with our members. We make ourselves available for our members during the course of our training, but more importantly after the completion of their dog’s training.


Q. When the training is complete, will my dog respond to my commands?


A. Yes, it doesn’t matter what New York Dog Training Program you enroll in – your puppy or dog is trained to respond to the “handler’s” commands.


Q. What type of dog training methods does your school use?


A. Our dog training school does not rely on one method, we have multiple methods, and deploy them depending on the dog, owner, and what we believe to be the most effecient, timely, and reliable manner. We do not treat all dogs the same, we realize that every dog or puppy has a different learning curve and needs additional help in some areas while excelling in others – our job, is to find the best combination of methods to use when training your dog and teaching you.


Q. Will you change the personality of our dog?


A. No, we are not into changing the personality of puppies or dogs, however, we are into having them pay attention and listen to our commands when we need them too. This will enable them to spend more time around us.


Q. Are there any guarantees with your dog training?


A. This is a tricky question, most dog training schools will of course say Yes! We do provide guarantees to our members – so long as they are actively training. Our dog training is regarded as the pinnacle of dog training to many. When we complete our program with your dog and you, you will turn the heads of family, friends, neighbors and strangers alike.


If you should have more questions or concerns please feel free to contact us or call (800) 770-3439, we look forward to answering all of your questions.


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