Leaving Your Puppy at Home

If you own a puppy, you will definitely need to leave him alone while you go out.  However, this cannot be done just like that.   Leaving your puppy at home alone is a big problem for many pet owners.  However, there is nothing that cannot be done with proper puppy training

Initially, only to inculcate the thought that he cannot keep on following you around all the time in your puppy’s head, you will need to leave your puppy alone for sometime.  Of course, in the beginning you should only let him be alone for a little while (10 minutes or so will do for a good start). For this purpose, you do not or should go outside of your apartment or house; you can use his crate or leave him in a room while you go to a separate one yourself.

When you leave him in a separate room just close the door behind you.  The reason behind doing this is just letting him know that he should not follow you around.  Go on increasing his ‘alone time’ by 10 to 15 minutes every day.  Then you can move on to the next step, which is, leaving your dog in the house when you go out.  For the first, few times only leave him for a few minutes.  However, eventually with gradual training this can reach up to 1 hour, then more.

While you are out make sure that the puppy gets proper care at home.  If there is nobody at home to take care of him, arrange for a dog sitter.  There are plenty of Manhattan dog sitters to choose from.  They cannot stay by themselves for too long.  If you are expected to be out for more than an hour, make sure that you arrange someone to come over and let your puppy out for his business.  

In addition, puppies get bored very easily.  In addition, no matter what breed the dog belongs to, his attitude, or infact destructive attitude to be more accurate, depends on the puppy’s personal mood.  Anything can be expected of an untrained dog.  And puppies being young animals are usually untrained and impulsive.  Therefore, arrange a dog sitter for your pet so that he may be taken care of properly.

If your dog is old enough and you think that he will do fine on his own then you can rely on a friend to take him out to relieve himself.  You think your dog is trained enough or you cannot afford a dog sitter whatever the reason might be, always get somebody to keep your dog company while you are gone.   Dogs get restless if left on their own for too long.  Moreover, their restlessness can pose an inconvenience for you.  

Dogs can start nibbling away on your household stuff or such items in your home such as bags or shoes or other chewable items.  In addition, it will be unkind of you to leave them alone to be bored and restless like that, especially when it comes to puppies since they are young and need to be taken care of.

Our Manhattan dog training service here is to assist your puppy or dog learn how to feel safe and confident when home alone.

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