NYC Dog Board and Train

(7) Day Leash Board and Train Program:

Heel, Sit, Down, Leave-it, Drop-it, Place, and Come; We also address common behaviors such as: Going through the garbage, Jumping, Nipping, Digging, etc….

Age Requirement:  (3) Months +

Cost: $795

If you would like more information on this program please visit our Contact Form.


(7) Day Off-Leash INSIDE/BACKYARD Board and Train Program:

This program is ideal for the pet owner that wants to have an obedient puppy or dog inside their apartment/house and have the ability to have their dog “COME” when called from the backyard

Age requirement: (5) Months +

Cost: $995

If you require additional information, just fill out our Contact Form.


(7) Day Off-Leash Doggie-Bed Program:

At the completion of this program you will have a puppy or dog that goes to their doggie bed on command and remains there until released

Great for deliveries, doorbells, friends, etc….

Age requirement: 5 months

Cost: $745 (Very Popular)

If you would like more information please use our Contact Form


(14) Day Dog Board and Train:

Receive a well trained on and off-leash puppy/dog. Your dog will respond to your commands under distractions. Go for a walk, a run, frisbee playing, hang out in front of your house, etc….

Our most popular program!

Age requirements: 5 months

Cost: $1795

For more information on this program please Contact Form

(21) Day Dog Board and Train Program:

Your dog or puppy will be trained at: supermarkets, strip malls, dog parks, busy streets, etc….

Ideal for the dog owner that is seeking a higher level of compliance from their dog or puppy.

• Free one time boarding with us (up to 5 consecutive days) where your puppy or dog will also receive a mini Board and Train program.

Age requirements: (5) months

Cost: Contact for pricing

Please use our Contact Form to receive more information

(28) Day Elite Dog Board and Train Program:

This Elite Program will give you a dog that is second to none. Your dog is trained in the highest of distractions.

Your and your buddy will turn heads all over!

The added benefits of this program are:

(1) one-week (7) day refresher Dog Board and Train from one year of service

(4) private (60) minute private lessons

10% off of our regular boarding services (members’ dogs automatically get refresher training when they board with us)

Age requirements: (5) months

Cost: Contact for pricing

For more info on our Elite Program please feel free to use our Contact Form

Dog Board and Train FAQ

Q. Where will my puppy or dog stay during their dog board and train program?

A. Your puppy or dog will reside in a home environment as opposed to a kennel.

Q. How many hours of training per day will they receive?

A. Every dog differs, but for the most part they receive anywhere from (2) to (4) hours of training, this includes behaviors also.

Q. Will my dog or puppy respond to my commands when you return them to me?

A. Yes, many pet owners are under the impression that because we train them, they will only respond to us, not true, they are trained to respond to the “handler” (the person giving the commands)

Q. Will you change the personality of our dog?

A. No, we open a line of communication that will keep their personality but enable them to listen to you.

Q. When will payment be made?

A. We accept a deposit of $500 to reserve your puppy or dog’s date. We do this because we only accept two board and train members at a time; in the past pet owners would secure dates and sometimes cancel them. This was not fair to other pet owners who needed those dates and was not fair to Big Apple Dog Training. The remainder of the balance is due upon competion of the program and of course your satisfaction.

Q. What payment methods does your NYC Dog Training School Accept?

A. Big Apple Dog Training accepts the following methods of payment: checks, credit cards, and cash as well.

Q. What If my puppy or dog can’t be trained?

Great and very common question. Worst case scenario, we return your puppy or dog to you along with your initial deposit (remember, the bulk of the payment is due upon completion and your satisfaction of our work). The Good News thus far, that has never really been an issue. We are great at dog training.

Q. I see that Big Apple Dog Training has many different board and train programs available, WHY?

A. For starters, the first few programs were designed for NYC dog and puppy owners who had different wants and needs (for example, some just wanted a well behaved dog inside the house, while some wanted the ability to call their dog from the backyard with reliability.

The lower quadrant was designed for dog owners that are involved to extremely inviolved with their puppies and dogs. In an effort to make it less confusing, we have marked some of the most popular programs that our NYC Dog Training Schools has been hired for.

Q. If I dedcide to enroll my puppy or dog into one of your NYC Dog Training Programs, what are the next steps?

A. The process is Very Simple:

  • Make contact with us through our Contact Form or call: (800) 770-3439
  • Set up an evaluation
  • Meet with Big Apple Dog Training.
  • And get back to us when you have made a decision,

We do not solicit any sales at the evaluation, it is up to you to make the next contact with us.

Q. Assuming everything went well on the Evaluation, and I wanted to enroll my dog in to one of your board and train programs, what’s next?

A. That’s Easy! We set up a pick-up date, where you will provide us with the following:

  • Vet docs stating that your puppy or dog is current with all vaccinations
  • Your dog’s food
  • Any medication, with adminsitering instructiuons.

That’s it!

Big Apple Dog Training is a NYC Dog Training School that really enjoys training puppies and dogs to respond to their owners commands and to behave accordingly around people and other animals.

Our New York City Dog Training Programs ultimately result in an enhanced relationships, more freedom, and for the puppy or dog owner….a much more pleasant feeling when around your best friend!

If you should have more questions please feel free to use our Contact Form or call (800) 770-3439, we look forward to answering all of your questions.

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