NYC Dog Training

Dog Board and Train:

Let our NYC dog trainers do all the work for you to jump start your dog training, loose leash walking to off-leash commands. We will return a trained puppy or dog to you and provide instructional lesson(s).

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Private Lessons:

Our Private Lessons range from puppy obedience to advanced dog training. We provide off and on leash training. In addition, we provide behavior modification for: nipping, digging, mouthing, and the infamous jumping.

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Dog Boarding:

Have your dog stay with us, while you vacation, have home repairs done, travel for business, prepare for a newborn, or any other reason.

Your dog will be treated like one of Ours!

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Specific Dog Training Needs:

Big Apple Dog Training realizes that sometimes dog owners do not require a dog training package, they just need help in an area or two; this program was designed for that dog owner.

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